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Jiangsu Jiaming Advanced Carbon Materials Co.,ltd

Jiangsu Jiaming Advanced Carbon Materials Co.,ltd is specialized in production of various carbon products, including graphitized petroleum coke, graphite electrode scraps, graphite powder, calcined petroleum coke, and carbon electrode paste, etc. It was founded in 1994, covering an area of 190,000 square meters, with production capacity of 150,000MT/year and annual output over more than 500,000,000 CNY.

Fueled by long term commitment to high tech R&D, continuous innovation and creativity, eco-friendly approach in production process, consistency of product quality and professional services as well as cost optimization, Jiaming has now become the industry leader for graphite carbon additive in China, and won worldwide customer recognition , building cooperation with giants like Nippon Steel, JSW, JFE and many other big steel mills and foundry factories.

Jiaming is ready to meet customers’ ever-changing needs with quality products, reasonable price and professional service. 

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